For many years I was miss-diagnosed by school professionals and other doctors. The first time I met Dr. Kim it was difficult, she reassured me that I would get some answers. Dr. Kim made a preliminary diagnosis of Asperger's and recommended further testing to confirm her diagnoses.  I was still unsure if she could help me because of failed attempts by other doctors.  For the first time someone had put a name to what was happening to me that made sense. Dr. Kim was kind and gentle throughout the whole process. She never pretended with me, she knew how to talk to me without making me feel she was controlling, yet still letting me know what I needed to do.

Dr. Kim, thank you for making me see I can work things out for myself.  Not only with the help of Dr. Kim was I able to learn how to cope and understand my disability, but most of all, I was able to go to school and have a close to normal school experience.  She gives me HOPE and this has changed my life.

– A.



My late wife suffered from being bi-polar. After many frustrating years, we were fortunate to find Dr. Kim. Her professionalism, knowledge, and compassion allowed my wife to enjoy years of relative normalcy before her untimely death. I know that without Dr. Kim's help, this would not have been possible.

I can also add that Dr. Kim has been paramount in helping me through the grief process. Her understanding, insight, and kindness have helped me through a very difficult time. I believe Dr. Kim to be a truly exceptional doctor.

– C. R.


Dr. Kim has been very professional and effective in treating our son. He struggles with ADHD and anxiety, and she has been very diligent in providing the correct diagnosis. She combines thought provoking counseling through her method of questioning, allowing my son to feel empowered and confident in his decision making. Medication is used to supplement his treatment and when combined with the counseling, has proven to be very beneficial. Her logical approach allows us to work together as a family, reinforcing our son’s positive progress.


child pychiastris patient drawing


I have been seeing Dr. Kim for treatment of depression and anxiety for two years now. She provides both medication management and psychotherapy. I came to Dr. Kim in crisis, and I credit her with saving my life. Thanks to Dr Kim, I'm now largely free of the dark moods, irrational fears, and disordered thinking that made me (and those around me) so miserable for so long. She is a skilled psychopharmacologist, an insightful therapist, and a warm, caring person.

– M


child pychiastris patient drawing


Our teenaged daughter was struggling with a lot of feelings she didn’t know how to handle.  Our family was in constant turmoil from the stress of dealing with a situation that kept getting worse. We knew our daughter needed the help of a therapist, but she was extremely resistant to the idea and had trouble trusting anyone enough to open up.  Through her gentle demeanor and attentiveness, Dr. Kim was able to gain our daughter’s trust right away.  After seeing Dr. Kim for a few months, our daughter has come back from a sense of hopelessness about life to her former warm, joyful, and energetic self.  Dr. Kim has also helped us become better parents to our daughter so that she can continue becoming healthy and confident.


Thank you so much for your continued supportive approach with our son. It is hard to believe we have worked with you for three years and even harder to believe how much progress we have made in that amount of time. Your approach is gentle and understanding and you are able to connect with our son in ways that relax him and enable him to talk about difficult topics. Your office and your demeanor put us all at ease and we love working with you. You are so patient about medications, giving us time, information and encouragement to research and discuss side effects before we make changes. You have also led us to medications that work for our son. We know we will need to adjust medications as our son ages and we feel confident that you can guide us as you have, through discussion, through listening, through questions and through medication. Thank you for all you do and best wishes for a happy, healthy new year!

Parents and a child who are so happy to work with you!


child pychiastris patient drawing


Dr. Kim has been our son's psychiatrist for the last several years. He has autism and developmental delay. We primarily sought her out for medicine management but also developed a therapy protocol with her, as well. Dr. Kim is very friendly and is easy to build a relationship with. She asks the right questions and persists in getting the patient to express what may be on his/her mind. Her approach to medicine management is one that we whole heartedly agree with; that is, start with a low dose and increase it slowly and not more than necessary. She takes the time to educate us on all of our options, while providing an explanation for her recommendations. While there were a few "bumps in the road" while adjusting his meds, primarily tic development, Dr. Kim's response was immediate. She made time for us in her schedule and resolved the issue immediately. In addition, she is diligent in the health management portion of medicine as well recommending by necessary blood work, weight checks, and blood pressure checks along the way. Dr. Kim is extremely patient with my many questions. I have a high degree of confidence in the plans we create for our son. It truly is a team-based

– D.


I'm a young adult who was previously diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Drug-induced psychosis. I started weekly therapy and medication management with Dr. Kim in 2013. She addressed the hardships it caused with my educational and personal life. She changes approaches as necessary, and improvement being the clear purpose of each session.

I am now finished with my degree and in the process of interviewing for jobs.

– R.


child pychiastris patient drawing


I have been seeing Dr. Jieun Kim for weekly therapy since 2011. Initially, I considered this therapy to be brief and realized it was a process worth exploring and taking time to work through my past traumas. I have found her to be patient, kind and professional. Her office environment is calm and comfortable. She is on time for appointments and flexible. I have confidence in her clinical assessment and treatment. I have gained insight and coping strategies in the last few years that has greatly improved my quality of life.

– MG


Dr. Kim was recommended to us by our daughter’s psychologist when our daughter was dealing with severe school anxiety. From our very first contact with Dr. Kim we were put at ease by her confident and reassuring manner as we navigated through the fears and concerns associated with contemplating using medication as part of our daughter’s treatment. Dr. Kim stood by us as we began the process of finding the right combination of medications that would be effective and cause little to no side effects for our daughter. She, with great patience and understanding, would listen to both our and our daughter’s concerns about the medications and our daughter’s needs and take great care to incorporate those concerns and needs into her process of finding the right medications to help. Dr. Kim’s always took the time to make sure our daughter understood the role of her medications and allowed our daughter to feel her input was an important part of Dr. Kim’s decision making process. Although the process seemed to us a long and at times difficult road, Dr. Kim continued to instill in us hope after each visit. I am so thankful to have been the recipient of her compassion and expertise as she provided wonderful treatment for our daughter.


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