Child and Family Psychiatry


Dr. Jieun Kim provides a complete range of psychiatric services including comprehensive evaluation, medication management, individual and family therapy for children of all ages through adults.

Her approach to treatment is evidence-based medicine, meaning that the basis of treatment is on scientific research and proven efficacies.

But she also firmly believes that treatment is not just about science. It is through empathic listening and understanding the connection of mind-body and the power of faith, hope and positive attitude in healing the mind and bringing about the changes in behavior.

Dr. Kim understands the complex dynamics of family that affects the individual and also how having a challenging child with emotional and behavioral problems affect the family system as well.

She focuses on the strengths of each child, individual and family, and utilize them in family therapy to empower the child and their families to help them accept and overcome their issues.

Proudly serving the Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia area regions.

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